Late visits || Cook, Freddie and Katie

Cook waited for the guard at the mental institution to fuck off, for what felt like ages but really only an hour or so, so he’d be able to see Katie. He had promised her that he’d visit but had been too busy trying to find out if Joey knew where about his where-about or not. He sat on the same spot finishing his third fag when he saw the guard head off somewhere, time to make my move Cook thought as he flicked his fag off to the distance. He was about to head on in when he felt someone behind him; Cook turned around ready to punch who ever had sneaked up on him when he realized it was his best mate. “You almost go a proper beating there, Fredrick. Next time be careful who you sneak up on, yeah?” he told him with a smug grin before wondering why Freddie was here. Cook had gone earlier to his flat to tell him that Katie had wanted to talk to him, he even offered to accompany him, but Freddie only refused telling him that he would think about it. He looked at him mate and gave him a grin, “Nice to see ya mate, now lets go fine Katiekins before the guard gets back.” He told him before moving towards the door and picking on the lock. After a few seconds the door was opened and the two boys headed inside to search for Katie.

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    “Kelsie,” he warned his little sister as she insulted Katie. He wrinkled his nose at her crude humor wondering when...
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    Cook gladly took the spliff from Katie, taking a long drag from it; he watched her dance before laughing and joining...